Don’t Blink… cos You’ll Miss it!

Ning and I have many favourite illusions but “Crystal Metamorphosis” stands out as one of our favourites due to its elegant simplicity in effect and design; yet took 22 months, over 500 rehearsals and anothers 500 live performances to master. It is arguably the world’s fastest see-through metamorphosis illusion in the world!

Check it out on Youtube here or below:

I know many magicians were interested were interested in “Crystal Metamorphosis” but were unsure what speed can be achieved… so now you know 🙂 “Crystal” is detailed in my book “Urban Illusions” and is available as a plan. For magicians only, check it out at


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2 Responses to Don’t Blink… cos You’ll Miss it!

  1. Clarabelle Ang says:

    I watched ur performance ‘live’ at Clarke Quay before and it was amazing !!! But how did u do that with ‘Magic Babe’ Ning ? But u will not tell us , rite ? It is because this is the rule of magic , correct ?

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