New Illusions from Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions

While the big news covered by all the different media was on Ning & I being presented the Merlin Awards for “Most Original Illusionist & Most Original Female Illusionist of the Year”, a big part of our 6 Oct 2009 event was offering a sneak preview of our brand new show “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions”.

We spent the last 2 months working hard on a couple of completely new illusions as well as rework many of our exisiting illusions & acts. Our audience on 6 Oct 2009 got a sneak peek of just what is in store for our full show that will open on 26 Jan 2010 for a week-long run at Singapore’s largest entertainment club.

First up, is an illusion I completely redesigned and the Concept:Magic rebuilt. We call it “360 Sawing” and is one of the most unique sawing-type illusions in the world. The urban industrial design also puts in an aesthetic class of its own. 

360 1 WNing is divided in half, in what may seem to be typical fashion.

360 2 WThe torso is then rotated under her lower body in roller coaster fashion!

360 JeriHere she is “heads over heels”!

360 4 WBack in one piece!

360 HI love this shot of us in our new venue @ St James Power Station: The Boiler Room

Another illusion act that is completely new and has taken a better part of the year to finally get performance ready is our presentation of a light through person as well as “Shadow Vision”. The first illusion is called “Human Light Tunnel” and features Ning weilding searing hot light tubes thatpass through my body! “Shadow Vision” is a unique illusion that we restaged to have Ning dissect me with a white samurai sword.

Human Light Tunnel 1 W‘Magic Babe’ with a different kind of deadly weapon

Human Light Tunnel 2 W
Ning touches the searing light tubes to ignite a piece of paper attached in an isolated frame.

Human Light Tunnel 4 WLight tubes are then passed through my body.

Shadow Vision 1 DNext, I step into a tight framework prop…

Shadow Vision 2 DNing promptly dissects my body in half and levitates my head in the air!

Crystal Metamorphosis may not seem new as we performed it for one year at “Ultimate Magic”, Singapore’s first magic attraction. BUT, we have restaged the illusion with brand new music that makes all the difference in the world. Coupled with a new lighting design, this illusion is now in another class.

Crystal Metamorphosis 2 H

As a fellow magician exclaimed “it is the fastest and most dramatic metamorphosis with a see-through trunk in the world!”. Chairman of the International Magicians Society, Tony Hassini, was really impressed with this illusion too and he has seen many of these types of illusions before. We are going to release a video of this illusion very shortly!

Crystal Appearance DSince Ning was featured on the cover of FHM, we modified one of our existing illusions that sees me transform Ning’s FHM cover to the real deal; within the confines of a crystal tank. 

Look out for our full show in Jan 2010!


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