The Day after the Merlin Awards Presentation & Sneak Preview Illusion Show

You might be wondering why I have not blogged about yesterday’s Merlin Awards presentation and sneak preview to our “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” show @ St James Power Station

The simple reason is that I have had no time! We ended yesterday night late and I was too beat to go through 13GB of photos. But, some people had already begun uploading photos of the event onto Facebook. By morning, hundreds of photos were up by different people – many great shots of our new illusions too. Here’s a great shot of the show in performance courtest of Hanlin!

Ning found time and energy to blog before we started our whirlwind day!

It started with a quick pop-by to the audience to finish an interview that I’m doing with i-weekly magazine. The issue will be out later this month and I will tell you when it is out.

Ning & I then headed to the MediaCorp radio studios to do an interview with 93.8FM’s Eugene Low on their popular FCube lunchtime show. We also recorded a couple of soundbites that will be played over the next few days.

After that, we rushed down to Ning’s apartment where she was interviewed for a feature in The New Paper called “My Space”. She was photographed in her favourite space along with her spanking new Merlin Award and favourite toys. The feature will be out this Saturday, 10 Oct 2009, so grab your copy then.  


Immediately after this interview, we picked up Tony Hassini, Chairman of the International Magicians Society and whisked off for a nice early dinner. Honestly, we did not have time to spend with him over the last few days because of our production and media schedule so he was spending his last evening with us.

At about 8pm, we dropped him back to his hotel for him to pack and checkout while we drove to the MediaCorp radio studios for a second time. We accomplished another ‘first’ by being the first ever illusionists to be guests on the very popular night radio show “Muttons to Midnight”, helmed by 98.7FM’s DJs Justin Ang and Vernon A.

We had a rocking time as they requested us to bring our Merlin Awards. We also performed some magic for them including bending a fork into a mangle that they handed to me. Ning also read the mind of Justin Ang with a drawing duplication demonstration. To cap off the fantastic session, we presented them with a giant framed cover of Ning’s FHM cover, which she personalized to them. Now, the 98.7FM studio has two permanent souvenirs from us – a contorted metal fork and Ning’s FHM cover!

After the radio interview, we headed back to the hotel to bring Tony Hassini to the airport. After checking in, we spent an hour and a half listening to his great stories until it was time for him to go to his gate.

We finally headed home and was pleasantly surprised to see that Channel News Asia’s story on our Merlin Awards win was out! You can read the full article entitled “Touching the world with their magic” + photos here.

I promise… I’ll blog about the Awards Presentation + Show tomorrow. And we are working on the video too!

On a separate note, someone blogged about our appearance at the MediaCorp Festival from last week. Check it out here.


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