Bringing the House Down @ the MediaCorp Festival

Today saw the Concept:Magic team working at the MediaCorp Festival trade show held at the Ritz Carlton Milena Hotel. The concept of the trade show was a 90min showcase of all the Mediacorp business units, covering TV, radio, news & publishing. It featured song, dance, skits, comedy and of course magic.

The concept of the trade show was based on “MediaCorp’s Got Talent” inspired by “America’s and Britain’s Got Talent” shows. Different business units featured different artistes and talents to promote new upcoming shows for potential media buyers to advertise on.

Ning & I represented Channel U because we were booked to introduce a brand new drama serial that is called “The Illusionist” starring Thomas Ong in the title role as a magician. The show is in pre-production now and will only air in Mar 2010. BTW, the lead characters’ names are James Lee and Ming. Pronounce those names loud… coincidence? James Lee = J C. Ming = Ning?!

We designed a special 8 minute illusion segment that featured Ning & I owning the stage for 6 minutes before magically introducing Thomas and his co-star.

Here is a shot of us rehearsing our “360 Sawing” illusion which was a huge hit with the audience. This was the full performance of the illusion and not the abbreviated one that we performed at “The Impossible Record” in June 2009.


We felt our act went over well with the audience, especially the customized illusions that I had designed to be integrated with the set design…. but we did not know just how well at the point. At the end of the show, the audience (made up of trade and media buyers) were asked to text message their favourite/ best item of all the items presented in the trade show. Based on the audience’s feedback, our segment was voted the best act of the tradeshow! Wow! That meant a lot to us because of the make-up of the audience – people who are looking for content to advertise on. Top management from Mediacorp congratulated us and spoke to us with interest on working on magic content for TV. Will we see a full dedicated magic show on local TV soon?

Thanks must go to the managing executive producer (MEP) for this trade show who made the choice of booking us for the business event. We were the only non-MediaCorp talent featured in the show. The MEP wanted a high impact “wow” act that could spice up the trade show and at the same time also introduce the stars. While his junior producers had worked with other magicians before, he only wanted to work with us because of how important the trade show is to MediaCorp’s business and because he felt most in the media industry would be familiar with our brand. I guess he was right 🙂

After the show, we caught up with many of our industry friends from MediaCorp. It’s amazing how many different people we know from Mediacorp from TV, Radio, publishing and management. We also spoek to many different people from the media industry. It was also timely that Ning is on the cover of FHM, a MediaCorp magazine. So, many audience members did a double take when they saw FHM posters and magazines in the reception area. 

Ning will have much more photos on her blog real soon… including pics with various MediaCorp artistes. So check it out!

Great job to the professional Concept:Magic team for making us shine!


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