New Sexy Magic from FHM Cover Girl

We just finished staging Ning’s “One Gal Show” for an F1 Party at ButterFactory at One Fullerton this evening. From 1 Oct 2009, Ning will be staging a brand new version of this show.

Her one gal show was first launched in 2007 and has since gone through half a dozen changes in production. We have now re-produced the latest version of the show that is entitled “Deadly Sexy Magic”.

Ning has performed this show across the world and it is just getting better. It is one of the strongest personality-driven magic shows around with signature magic acts that fit the stage character perfectly.


The major changes in this current of the show are much more ‘back-end’. It is similar when a company changes their internal IT infrastructure. While, it may not be overtly apparent, the internal overhaul improves processes and productivity that in turn improves the performance of the company.

The same can be said of “Deadly Sexy Magic”. We have completely retooled the show with new music, new props, new self-contained set-up, new format and choreography. It is a really tight professional show that is designed to travel even easier for overseas shows.

Ning’s strong media publicity in the last two years has brought in a strong demand for her show so we are being selective in accepting the bookings that come in. However, Ning is always excited to bring her brand of magic to new audiences.


Check out Ning’s promotional webpage at and email for enquiries or bookings.


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