Retweaking, Retooling, Reinventing and Rehearsing

You might have noticed that I have not blogged for some time. Well, one reason is that we have not been doing anything particularly noteworthy or everything is still top secret. Basically, this month has been weeks of retweaking, retooling, reinventing and rehearsing for our news shows for venues as well as corporate events. So, it may seem quiet and is technically supposed to be our rest month after 16 months of continous working… but we have been working everyday so far.

We have multiple new illusions and new music for acts which have been in rehearsal. I spent a weekend and holiday sampling over 800 music tracks and designing the music for 5 illusions. It took over 21 hours and may seem extreme but it is actually a great outcome and very productive.

Besides the production of the shows, we have been busy booking shows (the most important!) Our New Year’s Eve looks like it will be a full night. We are gunning to perform 5 shows that night. We have reworked all our standard show packages for events so have 3 brand new shows to offer the regional event industry. This means we have retired some acts and completely restaged exisiting acts.

We have also been busy preparing for our exclusive gig at St James Power Station on 6 Oct 2009, Tues. We are putting a new show called “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions”. To ensure we cater for ensure tickets, as tickets are sold only at the door on the day, mark your attendance on our Facebook page here.

During this excitment, we had several overseas magicians in town. Cyril from Japan was in town filming his upcoming show for Sony Ericsson show on AXN along with team including Enrico De la Vega. Dynamo from the UK is in town to film for Universal Music (UK) for F1 Rocks Singapore. Doug Mckenzie from New York is working with Dynamo too and he contacted me to help with providing an illusion for the TV shoot. It all worked out and I delivered an illusion to him at midnight 2 days ago. Our good friend Prakash is also back in town from New York for a bit and I will be catching up with him too.

Speaking of illusions, my workload for fabricating illusions for our own show is pretty heavy. At the same time, orders from magicians overseas for fabricated props are increasing as they see the completed illusions.

I got a number of emails and Facebook messages on whether we sell the “Human Light Tunnel” or “360 Sawing” illusion. The answer to, ‘No’. Because, they are our reengineering of illusions conceived by other designers/ builders. While both are practically overhauls in designs and even construction, the basic effect/ methodology belongs to the originators. So, unless we work out a royalty rights deal with the originators, we cannot manufacture the illusions for sale.

However, with the increase in demand for fabricated props and a limited time that I can dedicate to this demand, I will be launching a spin-off business to handle all the illusion hardware production. We have been discussing this with new partners for the last few weeks and it is timely to set up this business unit.

It is pretty exciting as I will have the opportunity to release a number of new illusions for the first time. This includes a suspension illusion with a motivated presentation & set-up as well as packs into itself.

Whew…. that’s a lot for not much going on…


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