Used & New Illusions for Sale

Updated: 25 Sep 2009

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been receiving emails or calls from all over the world enquiring on the illusions I have for sale. Thanks for everyone’s time!

Besides fabrication new illusions based on our schedule, I’m currently offering a number of used illusions at greatly reduced prices (to help off set overseas shipping costs).

The sole purpose of the sale of used illusions is to clear space in our studio which already houses over 20 grand illusions of varying sizes. We will be moving to a new larger studio early next year so it is also part of the ‘spring-cleaning’ process, which is why we dumped almost half a tonne of ‘junk’ last week.

As with any working illusion team, we would rather have a good prop in the hands of someone who can use it and make money off it than for it to collect dust. All the used illusions are in new condition or if in used condition are 100% in good working condition. The prices reflect this.

A couple of FAQs:

1) All illusions ship from Singapore and take between 5 – 10 working days to ship, depending where you are. All illusions ship via DHL or FedEx, both which we have corporate accounts with.

2) All illusions come with ATA cases, unless otherwise stated. If there are currently no cases, you have to choose an option of case or crate at an additional cost, unless you come down to pick up the prop yourself.

3) Prices are fixed. No discounts unless you are buying 3 or more illusions.

Here are the illusions that are currently available as of this writing. For an updated list, visit:  


‘Blinded’ is the most practical standing illusion appearance in the market today! You end very clean with little for the audience to reconstruct as they can see through the entire cabinet after the appearance of the person(s).

For more info/ video, visit:

Everything you need to perform for only US$1500 INCLUSIVE of self-contained ATA case + shipping

Condition – Very Good Working Condition 


A like-new original illusion built by Dream Illusions, made completely from Aluminum. Quality prop all the way.

Includes custom-built prop and ATA Case measuring 32″ x 33″ x 24″

Everything you need to perform for only US$1200 INCLUSIVE of ATA case + shipping (Just Reduced)

Condition – Like New


This is a one of a kind design where J C combined the Thin Model Sawing with features from the Wakeling Sawing.

It is a very contemporary design made to look like two wooden boxes on two tables. The boxes have a varnished two-tone natural wood finish and the 2″ thick tables are mounted on legs with aluminum cross-bracing.         

The design includes holes through the head and foot rests so that straps can be strapped round the girl’s neck and feet as per the Alan Wakeling routine. This is an optional feature.

Everything you need is included plus J C’s additional modifications and presentational handlings.

Illusion packs flat into a BRAND NEW ATA Foam Padded Case

Only US$1600 INCLUSIVE of ATA case + shipping

Condition – Like New


This is J C’s original design for the instant penetration of a person through a 6-inch hole in a solid textured-steel plate. It is a visual combination of Luis De Matos’ ‘Mirror Passage’ and Andrew Mayne’s ‘A-Frame’ with elements of J C’s ‘Visual Displacement’ (from ‘Illusionary Departures’). This illusion is also  described  in “Urban Illusions” .

Watch the video at:

Includes custom gimmicked cloth, ATA case & custom padded canvas protective case.

Buyer must choose an option of ATA Case or Wooden Crate.

Only US$500 + shipping (Just Reduced)
ATA Case – US$350
Wooden Crate – US$150

Condition – Very Good except for a very small chip of the plastic laminate on one leg.



This is a large-scale illusion that plays big and can fill a 60-ft stage. If you are looking for a spectacular illusion that is affordable but adds greatly to the production value of your show, this is a fantastic illusion for you! The illusion is entirely self-contained!

This illusion is also described  in “Illusionary Departures” . Watch the video at

Buyer must choose an option of ATA Case or Wooden Crate.

Price: US$800 + shipping (Just Reduced)
ATA Case – US$500
Wooden Crate – US$200

Condition – Like New


An original illusion where the illusionist passes through two vertical rows of sharp broken glass bottles. Very unique! Detailed in “Urban Illusions”

Buyer must choose an option of ATA Case or Wooden Crate.

Price: US$850 + shipping
ATA Case – US$350
Wooden Crate – US$150

Condition – New


Girl enters small cabinet. Two large tubes and a dozen of white spikes are speared through all directions. The girl’s hand is seen throughout the illusion. Everything is reversed and the girl emerges unharmed!

The prop packs flat and is really compact. Perfect for the working performer!

J C has redesigned the entire graphic of the prop, added aluminum trim and reflective tape to make it more deceptive and to include the hand-hole.

Also includes a custom-designed PVC cover for local transport.

Price: US$1000 INCLUSIVE OF TWO HIGH QUALITY WOODEN CRATES + shipping (Just Reduced)

Condition – New


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