Presenting the “Human Light Tunnel”

A lot of new illusions in magic are innovations and technological/ design improvements of older ones. This is the same in any field whether it is music instruments, high-tech gadgets or photography equipment. Innovators in respective fields will take existing ideas and transform them to cutting innovations for the future.

Earlier this year, we acquired an old illusion from the originator which involves the passing of four showcase bulbs through a girl’s body. This is a “relic” from years gone by in terms of look, method and fabrication process. But, it is always the right thing to purchase the original first and not just pirate the idea.


Totally gutting the original and rebuilding every inch of it, it has taken months of designing and illusion problem solving to reinvent this illusion for our show. (This illusion is not for sale). It is a one-of-a-kind design in the world and has taken no less than four vendors to provide the components to put this illusion together.

For the past couple of weeks, we have been fabricating the new illusion. It may be a small illusion as compared to our larger illusions like “Revollusion” or our mega illusions but it is one of the most intricate illusions that we have built. Larry has been doing an awesome job spearheading the fabrication of the illusion and the results speak for itself.


The photo does not do it justice but this is a beautiful high tech illusion that is actually a prelude to “Shadow Vision”, another illusion that we modified and are rehearsing. Together, these two illusions form one seamless act that fuses high-tech, lights and magic. 

Look out for it!


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