New Enigma Appearance for Special Events

We received a call to make a VIP magically appear for an event in a spectacular way. The specification was to stage an appearance illusion that had not been performed before in the country – so no recycling of exisiting illusions. This is one of the reasons we got the call as the event producer trusted us to develop something cutting edge.

This was the perfect opportunity and motivation to completely redesign an illusion we called “Flash of Fire Appearance”. We used this extensively from 2002 – 2005 to make CEOs, VIPs and celebrities magically appear for special events.

We stopped using this particular illusion as we had several other illusions to work with and liked to mix things up. Furthermore, another local magician bought a similar system so we did not want to offer a similar product even if we were the first to introduce it.

I had been wanting to do something about this illusion for years but did not have the inspiration for the design solution… until now.

We will be breaking down the older prop and rebuidling it from scratch so that it will consist of 80% new parts. This will be more than an upgrade but a completely new illusion with a brand new sleek design and custom metal work.

We are also restaging the illusion completely to create a visual appearance of a person in a cloud of smoke and flash of fire. A true enigmatic appearance of a special person. In addition, I’ve design the illusion to make up to 3 – 4 people appear. Or, make 6 dancers appear. And the entire illusion packs flat into itself.

Here’s an initial sketch of the illusion:


But, the final prop will look more like this:


It is kind of like Steinmeyer’s Elevator illusion but it really is a combination of the original Flash of Fire Appearance with my 12-Girl Cabinet (which is based on Jarrett’s 21 Person Cabinet)

To learn more about our illusion design services for corporate & special events, visit:


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