Vehicular Illusions

If you have been tracking my blog, the last few weeks have been a very creative period for me to develop & improve illusion designs. 

The final word on my “Full Throttle” motorcycle illusion has been written :-). The version we performed in “Ultimate Magic: Season 1” is version 1.5. In the 2nd ediiton of “Equilateral”, I shared my improved “Reloaded” version which is a complete redesign.

I’ve now developed a Version 2 of that redesign which allows all the sides of the platform cabinet to drop open after the motorcycle appears at a tilted angle on two stainless steel blocks. There will also be a line of lights running along the entire back bottom length of the prop facing the audience at all times.


So, we are going to finally build the latest version of the illusion from scratch + get a new bike 🙂 We are gonna redefine cool with this “urban illusion”! Finally, after 4 years, the illusion is getting ‘there’!

The other illusion that we will also be building after developing it for the past 2 years is … drum roll… a full-sized F1 Car Appearance!

We’ve had so many requests to make this illusion happen but generally due to budget, logistics and getting a F1 Car or replica to the show has proven to be obstacles.


We’ve decided to finally develop the illusion, especially after our successful “Destination X” which was the result of years of perfecting the car teleportation/ appearance.

This illusion will be completely self-contained and we will provide the F1 Car along with all sets and dancers. Yes, the idea to for this design to be completely turnkey for clients and we will be able to stage this overseas as easily as we were to stage it in Singapore.

This will be the ultimate illusion act that can be performed at F1 parties worldwide. It will be customized for sponsors, race organizers and organizations looking to showcase their brand in a spectacular and innovative way.

This spectacular illusion can be staged as a one-off illusion but we have deisnged it to integrate it with our regular illusion shows.

This illusion will only be staged in 2010 and we will be selective of where we perform it to retain exclusiveness for our discerning clients.


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