A week of planning and housekeeping

This has been an uneventful but productively busy week because all our time has been spent briefing vendors on the building of illusions, writing show concepts/ technical design plans for upcoming projects, meetings and planning publicity for our debut at St James Power Station on 6 Oct 2009.

Lots of enquiries for corporate events who are specfically looking to bring our brand into their events. Many also want high-end customization work that we can provide turnkey. 

We have a number of interesting projects in the pipeline with different parties. Coincidentally, we will all get the answer in the next few days to see if they go through. Fingers are crossed.

We also spent 2 whole days/ 15 hours in total packing the studio and clearing excess illusion building material, old props and cases. We are literally dumping about half a ton of bulky items to clear space in the studio. We are about 75% done and have enough space to rehearse the new show. We are so moving in Mar next year to a bigger studio. But this major clean up will make our move much easier.

We will clear the rest of the studio on Mon and start month-long rehearsals.


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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