Ultimate Magic to Tour After One Year @ The Arena

After 3 seasons in 13 months (1 year run including 1 month of sneak previews, we are moving out of The Arena and Singapore’s first magic attraction will end its one year run.

Tomorrow, 29 Aug 2009, 4.30pm will mark our last “Ultimate Magic” show @ The Arena. If you have never watched the show before, this is your last chance to watch this incarnation of our 60min illusion show. Buy your tickets @ www.ultimatemagic.sg

Each season saw us introduce new acts and illusions and we have performed for audiences across the world. It has been a tremendous experience staging the show 6 days a week and working on all the mega projects that developed from this show.

Ultimate Magic poster (blog)

UMPoster web

Ulitmate Magic Revolution web

We will be taking a break, or rather spending one month on intensive rehearsals, to produce a brand new show for Singapore’s largest club in the first of a series of landmark projects.

To capitalize on the entertainment industry’s year-end peak season, it was necessary to seize the opportunity to work with a new venue. And do we have a host of great projects that will thrill the entertainment and magic industries.

As we are finalizing negotiations and firming fine details, the official announcement will be made next week on the new venue and series of projects.

It is going to be very exciting!

In addition, “Ultimate Magic” will be making short tours overseas in various forms. The value as a turnkey magic attraction has been recognized by several venues and event organizers from different Asian countries.

The Arena was a great venue to launch a permanent attraction but personally, I think the team is very ready to move on to bigger and better things. Growth is very important to us and if we can’t grow personally, develop our brand value or scale our business even more, we have to trade up when the opportunity knocks on our door.


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