Destination X Live in front of 16,000 people

At 2pm, there were already 1000 people at the event location. “Destination X” was scheduled to start at 6pm. By the time, it came to the mega illusion, the official head count was 16,000 people. If you are familiar with Raffles Place, the open space between Chervon House and OUB Centre, the entire place was filled, spilling over to all the surrounding buildings.

Thanks to Weili, Hanlin and Daryl for the awesome photos from different angles of the event.

At 6pm sharp, we were introduced to the live audience through our opening video trailer that were projected on the two giant SPHMBO screens as well as a plasma TV on stage.

I started the mega illusion by engaging various audience members to be part of the mega illusion to give as much legitimacy as possible to the magical effect.

The first thing was to get different audience members to write down random numbers to come up with a final four-digit number, which turned out to be “6912”.

Next, we checked in with Ning via a wireless video feed, who was with the car at the Volkswagen showroom at Alexandra Rd about 15km away. She introduced the car and write the number given by audience members “6912” on the side of the car.

The stage set-up was introduced to the live audience through the camerman and video screens. The stage had a giant red “X” in the middle. At the ends of the “X” were four solid blocks. Around the entire set-up was an all-round curtain that completely surrounded the “Destination X”.

Finally, close-up witnesses from the audience were invited on stage to form physical barriers around the “Destination X”. These individuals were chosen from the audience before the show and two of them won contests on Facebook and STOMP.

We then checked back with Ning at the Volkswagen showroom where she helmed the first part of the teleportation. In one continous camera shot with no video cuts, she and the car vanished almost instantly.

Simultaneously when the curtain was raised in the Volkswagen showroom, the curtain around “Destination X” was raised.

Once car & Ning vanished from the showroom, the curtain onstage was dropped and reappeared on the four solid blocks elevated off the stage, amidst clouds of smoke.

After the mega illusion and subsequent grand draw for Straits Times reader, we took media interviews and did a meet & greet session.

Thanks to everyone from SPH, Volkswagen, the event crew, the Concept:Magic team and the 16,000 people who supported the event!

Look out for mega illusion #4 soon – our most unique teleportation yet!


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5 Responses to Destination X Live in front of 16,000 people

  1. dingybat says:

    saw it live from the event, awesome cool! pity the people to the side couldn’t hear very clearly, but at least there were those projection screens!

    you guys are real cool. i would have teleported the car to my house.. ha,

  2. benedict says:

    argh.. i had work and could not make it down. 😦

    looks like a great success though. congratulations! hopefully my schedule can fit in the next illusion that you’re gonna be doing. can’t wait!

  3. confundys says:

    i was there since mornin… yea yea, i admit, i wanted to win that golf tsi. unfortunately it was not to be, but at least a gd seat to watching the teleportation. very cool…

    i guess you guys dun pay parking fees do you? you just teleport the car away. but then again, you could just teleport… lol!

  4. NewToMagic says:

    darn, i was totally stuck at the entrance of the mrt station. couldn’t move an inch. whole place was so so so crowded! still, i got to see the illusion from the big screens. totally impossible! i can’t wait for the next.. when will you share the details?

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