The location for “Destination X” revealed!

On 18 Aug 2007, I had the priviledge of presenting South East Asia’s first ever live mega illusion “The Impossible Teleportation” – 50 Storeys in 5 seconds.

Almost exactly two years later, Ning & I will be returning to the exact same location to attempt “Destination X: The Car Teleportation”.

So, the location for “Destination X” and the grand draw for the Volkwagen Golf 1.4 TSI is:

(Above the MRT Station)

See you there – 6pm!

About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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One Response to The location for “Destination X” revealed!

  1. Lin Jia says:

    Cool. I hope that I can get a good viewing location before the illusion starts. I think you wrote the wrong year for “The Impossible Teleportation” though. Cheers.

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