MAGICSEEN Magazine Issue 28

Europe’s largest magic magazine, MAGICSEEN, has featured us in their latest issue. Our “The Impossible Record” is featured in a two-page spread! It was awesome that Deputy Editor, Graham Hey, flew down for the world record-setting event to cover it.

This issue (which has David Copperfield on the cover, the first U.S. magician to be featured on the cover in the 5-year history of the magazine) also has a story on “Magic in Singapore”, which featured Ning & myself, among several other prominent locals.

magicseen is a great magazine and has differentiated itself from the two other magic magazines (Magic & Genii). It has loads of bite-sized articles and info and is a fantastic departure from the other two U.S.-based magazines. Being a U.K. magazine, magicseen’s slant is towards European magicians as well as non-US magic happenings. I really feel there is a place for the magazine and the publication has evolved and grown tremendously over the last few years.

You can download the pdf of the magazine and all their back issues here:

Join their Facebook page here:

Rumour has it that magicseen will be featuring Asians magicians on the cover for the very first time!





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