Working on 10 things at the same time

As you can imagine, with “Destination X” just a few days away, things have been picking up.

Later, today, Ning & I will be heading for a photoshoot for a story that will appear in the Straits Times LIFE! on Thurs. I will also be doing a on-air phone interview with Rod Monteiro on 91.3FM later in the evening.

On top of publicity for the mega illusion this Sat, I have been simultaneously juggling 9 things now:

1) “Destination X” Production Cue Sheet – Tying in all event logistics, illusion equipment, audio, visual, lighting and crew members for the massive event.

2) “Destination X” Music Design– Choosing and designing music for the car teleportation mega illusion

3) “Destination X” Script – Yes! We script our lines for all illusion presentations!

4) Promo Video Package for “Destination X” – We have an updated video package that will be played on the giant video screens before the mega illusion. We will also be releasing an updated illusion promo trailer at the end of the month.

5) Poster Design for 6 Oct 2009, Special Show – I’ve seen the preliminary artwork for this special show (that is the first of many landmark projects). I’m tweaking it and it should be ready by end of the week. We will release it next week.

6) Producing, Designing Technical Handling & Set for “Magic Vogue”– As mentioned in a previous entry, I’ve designed a brand new highlight act for Ning. We have all the elements in place except for the set which will be fabricated shortly. The next step will be the technical practising of the magic techniques followed by full rehearsals. This will take about 3 months to hit the stage for.

7) Fabrication of the “Jail Box” – This new illusion is tricky, especially with the initial build. As with all illusion prototypes, fabrication challenges are bound to arise due to the way materials work with each other. So, we are are taking it step by step and will know by next week if we are on the right track or if we have to go another route.

8) Pitching Mega Illusion #4– We have already designed the illusion so it is all going to boil down to budgets an logistcs… as always. So, this is the real business of magic!

9) Proposing corporate shows for local and overseas events – Bread & butter work is the backbone of our business so standard & customized show packages

10) Updating & producing Larry’s Daredevil Magic Show – Larry did a show at St James Power House recently for a private event of 300 people. We have been working on his show over the last year and it is a process of evolution. We are happy to be making progress.

If you were lucky enough to see his show at Magic Day earlier this year, you would know the potential of his material. We have changed items, tightened the show and improved many aspects of it. The new show will be 100% ready in a few short weeks, just in time for the last quarter of 2009. Check out the new show line-up at

Its great to be busy!


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