Behind the Scenes of ‘Magic Babe’s FHM Sexy Cover Shoot!

It is official! ‘Magic Babe’ Ning will be the cover gal for FHM Singapore’s Oct 2009 issue!

This cover shoot has been two years in the making! Ning first appeared as a featured girl in the Dec 2007 issue. Subsequently, she was featured for her “Impalement Cage” mega illusion in Jul 2008 and subsequently #16 in FHM Singapore’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World list. Earlier this year, she was featured as single hot gal in the Feb 2009 issue. You can see photos of all her past shoots here.

Over the two years, we have kept in regular contact with David and the fabulous FHM team. You can see an example in the Sep 2009 issue of FHM (check out page 10). FHM was also our official men’s magazine for the first season of “Ultimate Magic” and also interviewed me in the Aug 2008 issue. So, we have been in talks to have ‘Magic Babe’ on the cover all through this time. We are always trying to dovetail our projects together so it is perfect timing for her cover to coincide with us moving on to a brand new venue & club operator in Oct 2009.

The cover shoot took place today at the MediaCorp Publishing Studio. It was our 3rd time there and were greeted by familiar faces. Ning spent the first 2 hours in hair and make-up and then the next 3 hours shooting. She took about 8 different shots in various outfits. Naturally, she looked great in all of them!

She was a real trouper! Even after having her eye accidentally sprayed with hairspray, she had it washed out, touched up the make-up and continued. Who says photoshoots are easy? She has had her eye sprayed, earlobe scalded and body contorted in all kinds of positions for shoots over the years. That, on top of her rehearsal and performance injuries, Ning has literally been bruised, bloodied and ached head to toe. And you thought being the “sexiest woman in magic” was easy?

Check out behind the scenes shots that I sneaked off today. But, trust me, the actual photos will be 50 times better so be sure to buy your copy when it comes out in mid-Spet 2009!

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