Used Illusions for Sale

I’ve managed to post photos for most of the illusions that I’m clearing for space. The illusions are priced low to offset shipping costs to overseas buyers, so you get a great deal! As I ship a lot, I also have great rates from my different carriers.

Illusions I have for sale include:

  • Crystal Pyramid
  • Sawing in Half – Wakeling/ Thin Sawing Combo
  • Seven by Half
  • 6 Inches – Walking Through a Steel Plate
  • 3 Inch Hole
  • 12-Girl Cabinet
  • Slicing Through
  • Tubed Out
  • Flash Appearance

View all the illusions at

I have already sold a Modern Art, Girl in Puzzle, Barstool Levitation and Dagger Head Chest in private sales.

Let me know if you are interested in anything as I sell on a first-confirm basis.



About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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5 Responses to Used Illusions for Sale

  1. I am interested in you sawing in half illusion and have a few questions about it. Can you call me at your convenience. 834-5981
    Does this use only one girl?
    Is it still available? Where is it shipped from?

  2. Terry Morris says:

    Intrest in ” tubed out” for 4 shows in Oct. Please contact me at 252-241-6264 ASAP

  3. Sam says:

    Hey man, which of these have you still got?

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