Exciting Updates

In you have been tracking this blog, you will know the last few weeks have been busy planning for new projects.

Look out for ads in The Straits Times every day starting this Friday for “Destination X” and details on how you can win the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI!

In the next two weeks, we will be making an official announcement regarding Ning & myself working with a new venue. As mentioned before, we will be working with the well-known club on a series of landmark projects and now the CEO has brought forward the timeline for the projects because he sees the value of the partnering of our brands. The first event will be on 6 Oct 2009, the subsequent one is scheduled for 11 Nov and the last one in the series will be in Jan 2010. And that is just the start 😉

BUT, this means, we will not be extending our stay at The Arena after our contract reaches one year at the end of the month. So, if you have not watched “Ultimate Magic”, you only have a dozen more shows or so to catch it! We are designing a brand new show for the new venue, with new illusions and acts.

The current “Ultimate Magic” show was designed for The Arena based on the staging, venue and style of the club. It will NOT be recycled for another venue or show.

So, it has been very timely that I’ve designed and redesigned quite a few illusions. “The Jail Box” is evolving in design and we have already started fabrication. I think, if all goes well, this illusion can be completed in 3 weeks. Ning is really excited about this illusion as well as it is so different and unqiue. It will be part of our basic show revamp and was designed to travel for overseas shows.

If you are a magician or illusionist based outside of Singapore, I have put up a number of illusions for sale at www.illusionbooks.com/used.html not all the pics are up but they will be in a week. You can email me to make reservations first. With all the new illusions we are building + the illusions that will be coming back to The Arena, we need space 😛


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