Destination X is just the tip of the iceberg

With “Destination X” in two weeks time, the team is busy at work with the production and publicity for the mega illusion. However, that is just part of the plethora of projects that we are working on at this conjuncture.

Weeks ago after “The Impossible Record”, I mentioned that we were in a low key period in preparation for our next project (“Destination X”). The truth is, we were low key from active high profile projects but were still doing our regular performances. We were also in development & negotiations with various parties for a multitude of events. So, “Destination X” is really just the tip of the iceberg with what is about to come!

We are now in the final stages of inking a deal with a well-known club that will start our relationship for a series of ground-breaking projects over a 6-month period. This is timely as we are finishing one complete year with “Ultimate Magic” @ The Arena and moving forward to bigger better things is always something we look to do. We can only extend our brand to one club operator at a time to avoid conflict of interest and confusion in the marketplace.

It will be exciting working with this new entertainment giant as they have never worked with an illusion team before. And their confidence to move forward in such large projects is encouraging. The CEO who we met made it clear that their reputation/ brand is their most important asset and they are very careful who they work and invest in. More on which venue this is will be revealed very shortly.

But first, mark your calendar for 6 Oct 2009, Tues!

This will be the first night in the new venue we will be working closely with over the next 6 months. It will be an awesome event/ show with a major announcement that will be made with regards to another mega illusion in Dec 2009 as well as a new show!

We are also going to be on two magazine covers in two months. Well, Ning will be on both and I will be sharing the cover with her for one. Ning’s solo cover shoot is also another two years in the making so we are really excited.

Ning has many indirectly related creative projects coming up that I’m fully supporting and it surprising how we are able to dovetail many of things going on together.

We are in negotiations for two more separate potential projects in early 2010 but we will save that for when they firm up.

Some wonder why I persevere so much. Honestly, it is not easy most of the time as you feel you often get robbed. But it gets better when hope shines through and things are going well. Ultimately, I push on unconditionally because I know it is worth it. A calibre effort. One does not always need to abandon certainty in fear of not living life fully. Balance is always the key.

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3 Responses to Destination X is just the tip of the iceberg

  1. gerard65 says:

    any hints as to Ning’s indirect creative projects? you guys have so many things up in your sleeve. tell us more when the time comes!

  2. magicman says:

    Calendar marked! Woots! BIG club operator? i can only think of one! Will be so exciting if it IS the one i’m thinking of!

  3. nyta says:

    most definitely gonna keep the 6th of Oct free!

    perseverance is a great value that few have. when it’s worth it to yourself, push on no matter what others say. the ultimate winner is always the one who never gives up.

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