Backstory to “Destination X”

Thanks for all the support and interest in “Destination X” so far! We only announced the project through our channels but it is already getting a bit of a buzz. Internet blofs and forums have begun to talk about it such as this car site.

When the print ads and stories come out in the Straits Times closer to the date, we expect more positive mainstream interest.

“Destination X” has been a mega illusion 2 years in the making. On 18 Aug 2007, when I teleported 50 storeys in 5 seconds at the OUB Centre, the head honcho of Volkswagen Singapore asked if we could teleport a Volkswagen the next time. At that time, we did not think it was possible due to the size/ weight of the car and the specificationss of a mega illusion.

We were approached last year to explore teleporting the car for The Straits Times 163rd anniversary but our crazy schedule would not have allowed us to take on the project and Straits Times decided to wait a year so as to not have two mega illusions, two years in a row.

However, upon their request, our team worked out the conceptual methodology of teleporting a car in front of thousands of people in uncontrolled environments. This was subsequently refined over the next year.

Early this year, we were confirmed for the 164th anniversary and begun planning months ago. We really went into full swing after “The Impossible Record” as that was a massive 3-stage project in itself.

In the last few weeks, we have been producing various aspects of the complicated teleportation mega illusion. We did site inspections, tested the actual car to be used and started fabrication work on specific apparatus we will need.

The experience we have had developing teleportations in particular has really helped us to make this particular one possible. It really is tough because it is a large & heavy inanimate object. That is one reason you hardly hear of anyone in the world teleporting a car… especially live in front of thousands of people.

In “Destination X”, we intend to have the car elevated off the floor and surrounded by close-up witnesses. We also intend to complete the teleportation in 8.5 seconds.

Planning & good direction has proved to be key elements in making a mega magic event a success. While tedious, it is something that must be done to anticipate all aspects of the mega illusion and the event as a whole.

“Destination X” will be the 6th mega event that Concept:Magic has produced. We are proud to be the singular magic production house in Asia to have chalked up this many elaborate mega events in such a short period. This has set us up for more things to come which I will touch on in my next entry.


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3 Responses to Backstory to “Destination X”

  1. megaman says:

    That is so awesome. I can’t wait to catch the event live when it happens!

  2. NewToMagic says:

    Elevated off the ground and teleported in front of thousands of people! Exciting exciting exciting! *rub hands* any chance that we will get to know the place before 22nd?

  3. gyh78 says:

    6th Mega illusion already! I’ve only caught the last few and it was awesome! Can’t wait for more to come. Definitely going to be there to support for Destination X!

    Rock on!

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