Destination X: The Car Teleportation for The Straits Times 164th Anniversary

So now you know!

“Project 164” is “Destination X: The Car Teleportation!

This latest mega illusion is set to take place on 22 Aug 2009, Sat at 6pm as the grand finale to The Straits Times 164th anniversary event organized by the Singapore Press Holdings.


Here are the answers to the clues previously given:

The “X” with the tire track across the board that Ning is holding was a clue to a vehicle of some kind. “X” marks the spot hinted to the teleportation”

A Tropical Tree Not, Not a Tropical Tree, Centripetal Root and Rotten To A Replica are all anagrams for “Car Teleportation”

The photo was an inverted close up of the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI, which is the car that J C & Ning will attempt to teleport.Read More

164 refers to the 164th annivesary for The Straits Times, Singapore’s National Newspaper.

For more info on “Destination X”, visit:
I’ll give more background info on this awesome mega illusion tomorrow!
If you want to win a chance to be on stage as one of the close-up witnesses surrounding the “Destination X”, join the simple contest at:

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4 Responses to Destination X: The Car Teleportation for The Straits Times 164th Anniversary

  1. fabian says:

    WOW! i rmbr seeing you teleport 2 or 3 yrs ago at the Strait Times anniversary event then! That was awesome, and i still can’t forget it. looking forward to this one too.

  2. NewToMagic says:

    that’s such a coool name. destination x! will definitely be coming to catch the event! location only on 22nd aug… i’ll be looking out!

  3. ysh says:

    love it how you guys always manage to bring fresh new stuff to your magic! everytime i think you guys are done with teleporting, you manage to come up with something new and awesome! KEEP IT UP! I’ll definitely be ther for the event!

  4. junito says:

    love the event pic, so grooooovy. 😀

    you guys rocks! j c and ning ftw!

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