Mega Illusion #4 & New Show?

All will be revealed on our Mega Illusion #3, codenamed “Project 164” tonight! 

In the meantime, we have been busy with the production and fine-producing of the mega illusion; including a full evening of intense preparations out of the studio.

“Project 164” will be the most challenging teleportation mega illusion attempted as it uses mutliple magic principles in a single illusion, including original combinations of the principles in this kind of presentation. Precision execution is necessary between both Ning & myself and our team.

While we are busy with this mega illusion, last Friday, we had a site inspection for a couple of projects, one being the location for our possible 4th mega illusion.

We are really excited as the effect, presentation and method is specific to this location. No one has done anything like this in the world before and it was a creative challenge and success on our part. 

As commercial creative artists, we are always looking to advance ourselves professionally and artistically to the next level. All our projects from last year and early this year have helped to put us in position to execute these next series of projects with new partners.

Over the past few days, I was busy writing a concept proposal for these projects which have amazing potential. One is already confirmed to take place in Oct 2009.

One of the projects is a new illusion show for a new (to us) venue. So, how do we top a show that we have been refining for 1 year?

Well, the key is to create a concept with unique acts that is in character with the venue. The objective is to create a new magicial experience for the audience. That is very challenging because it is it hard to create something completely new. However, just like a new receipe, the key to take ingredients and make something unique.

In 2002, I staged a modest concept-themed theatre showed called “Intimate Illusions: Magic So Close it is Unbelievable”. I think combining this concept with our current “urban illusions in the city” will be pretty darn cool!


I’ve also created a fresh new mind boggling finale illusion just for this show that is distinctively J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’!

More details to come!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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2 Responses to Mega Illusion #4 & New Show?

  1. ben67 says:

    anymore clues to mega #4? 😛 can’t wait to see what you guys have in store… love your magic! keep rocking!

  2. noob23 says:

    caught ultimate magic and loved it! and now you guys are having a new show? I’ll be looking out for it! and of course will be there at your mega illusion to support y’all too!

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