Project 164?

My Sunday has been spent planning Concept:Magic’s work for the week as well catching up with tons of proposals and emails.

Amidst the corporate work, we are working on two major projects for Aug and Oct. The one in Aug is our next mega illusion and the other is something as exciting, if not more… on different levels.

I’ve been toying with our next mega illusion project since 2002 but never had the right partner with the right technical support & budget. There are many ‘parts of the puzzle’ for a mega illusion project to be staged due to the scale and scope of the act. It is very difficult to do it alone, for any one party, which is why it is often a collaborative process.

We were approached last year to stage this illusion but it did not go through for a variety reasons. One being our packed schedule in Aug last year with “The Impalement Cage”, the start of “Ultimate Magic” and the pre production for “The Impossible Journey”.

So, you might be wondering what this mega illusion is all about…

If you are on Facebook, you would have seen a photo album put up by Ning entitled “Project 164”. That is the secret title of our mega illusion but not the actual title of the illusion. We have dropped several clues on what this project is all about. From the name to the clues in the photos…

“Project 164” is a hint to what event the mega illusion will be main act of.

In a few days, we will give another hint of what the subject of the illusion is.

For now, here is another hint to what the effect of the mega illusion is:

“Project 164” = A Tropical Tree Not


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3 Responses to Project 164?

  1. blake says:

    A Tropical Tree Not? Hmmm Something to do with plants? Or forests?

  2. Amazzo says:

    Project 164 definitely sounds cool. Like one of those secret documents inside of a lab and this one is labeled 164. Can’t wait to know what it is. 🙂

  3. cardistry2007 says:

    i bet the oct one is the merlin awards cause u got say before. but then they way u say it, maybe something else.

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