Never Quit

Sports champions never quit.

No matter how difficult, tiring, tedious and unforgiving the journey is, they never quit. Of course, every one of those champions would admit they entertained the thought. But! They never ever do.

One reason is because they know what is at the end of the journey. If you know what the prize is, you will know what is worth the fight, effort, time, hurt and pain. Most have no clear idea what the prize is… most never see the real prize beyond the obvious. But those that do know, persevere; even if it takes years.

To the uninformed, their determination and tenacity may seem blind, dumb, silly or a waste of time. Sometimes, even those close to them waiver and feel it might not be worth it since there is no certainty in a win even after all the effort and time. But, that is why the champions are pillars of certainty and lead the way. They know. And, the harder they train, the greater they appreciate the victory and not take it for granted.


Never quit.


About J C Sum

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6 Responses to Never Quit

  1. Mugger86 says:

    that’s an inspiring entry. for those who do not see what the outcome is usually would lose hope. but if one persevere in whatever tasks he or she chooses, it will always come to fruit. just a matter of time 🙂

  2. ZY90 says:

    Ya lor. Must never quit. Otherwise will never succeed.

  3. NanoMan says:

    “never quit” is a well know key to success but still very few will follow it cause it is hard. I guess that’s what separate those who succeed and do well and those who dont.

  4. Ade says:

    Like this post because of how it can apply to so so many aspect of our lives. So many times people waiver and lose sight of the end target or prize in this matter. Those who keep track, work hard, persevere finally reach the end. 🙂 The true spirit of a champion is one who never quit where most would.

  5. Matti says:

    Could you tell me where / from whom you got the picture?
    I need to know who has the copyright for it.

    Thanks, Matti

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