Ning’s Magic Diaries & Merlin Awards

Have you seen Ning’s gorgeous new blog yet?


As you can see, even though we are in our ‘down’ time this month, we have been very busy with many small projects. This was one of Ning’s. I love her new blog! It’s so reflective of the evolved matured Ning with the omni-presence of ‘Magic Babe’.

We all pitched in with ideas to personalize the blog and she took various ideas to create this nifty online journal. Check it out at:

Ning highlighted our newly awarded Merlin Awards for  “Most Original Illusionists 2009” in her latest entry. Thanks for all the Facebook comments, emails and text messages!

It is a great honour to be the first Singapore illusionists to be awarded the Merlins. If you may not be familiar with the awards, read Ning’s entry on it.

While we are happy to receive the awards, we know that it does not define us; but adds to our small collection of milestones that brings value and a proven track record to clients. We never look back and bask in old glories but continually look forward to future projects (one which is our upcoming mega illusion in Aug 2009).

Oh, we are also going to be recognized by the international magic community once again later in the year… but we won’t spoil the surprise now 🙂


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2 Responses to Ning’s Magic Diaries & Merlin Awards

  1. chrisD says:

    Sweet stuff! Both to magicbabe’s new blog and your new awards. Congrats!

  2. Edmund Teh says:

    I like Ning’s blog too. Congrats on winning the awards! Really happy for both of you to be recognized this way.

    I’m looking forward to your next mega illusion. Any hints?

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