New Packages for our Corporate Shows

It is timely that after the ‘storm’ and “The Impossible Record” post-publicity, this week has seen a surge in proposal submission for corporate events happening in the upcoming 3 months. Many heard of our world record act act at about the same time they received our brand new promo DVD earlier.

We have put forth a number of exciting concepts for a variety of conference and launch events. Some are ambitious but we are at a stage of our careers where we do not do ‘too safe’ anymore. For one, most clients look to us when they want something innovative and out of the ordinary. There are a handful here who can do decent work that is ‘safe’ but we are the only ones in this part of the world who have the equipment, resources, expertise and proven track record to do something more radical.

Our team just revamped our entire line of corporate show packages. Not only has the show content been revamped and improved but so has the presentation of our promotional material. In terms of show content, we have enough illusions to create 3 different event show packages with completely different illusions. More importantly, this means we can customize our shows to reflect almost any theme, business message or show style.

With over two dozen illusions in our repertoire and half a dozen unique to us in the world, we are fortunate to be able to bring our show out of Singapore on a more regular basis in the next couple of months. One such exclusive illusion that bears our unique design is our new ‘360 Sawing’ which we debuted at the Esplanade in early June 2009 and later closed our world record act with. (Still very sorry babe)

If you are an event planner in Asia or an interested client, check out our videos and updated profiles at



We have two exciting announcements that will be made in the first week of Aug 2009. The first pertains to all the details of our next mega illusion and second is about Ning & myself being recognized in the magic community in a very special way.

The first people to get the first & exclusive news will be our friends on Facebook. If you are added to our page here, you will be given a private message on 3 Aug 2009, before any official announcement will be made anywhere else. So join us before then!


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2 Responses to New Packages for our Corporate Shows

  1. Darren says:

    Congratulation on WINNING THE ‘Most Original Illusionist 2009” and Most Original Female Illusionist 2009”(Help me Congrats to Ning)

    Winning the Merlin award is an honour to you guys…Wishing you guys all the best and looking forward to the most breathtaking magic in the coming years!!!


  2. Jack says:

    Cool illusion!!! Hope that u guy can be perform “sawing a lady in half”(Brett Daniels version) next time!!!

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