Always Moving Forward… Always Doing Something Different

If you read Ning’s blog entry here, you might have seen some really cool shots from our “Ultimate Magic”show. About a dozen photographers have uploaded several hundred photos onto Facebook. Here are a few new ones that I really like: 

Sleeping on the Job
Photo credit: Hanlin Goh

My Baby
Photo credit: Jeri Soh

Magic Babe with Sais & Mask
Photo credit: Daryl Seah

Seeing the photos made me reflect how much the team has grown over the last year with our show and refined our “urban illusions in the city” performance style. Creating a distinct illusion style that is relevant to today’s audience is no easy task and creating mega events with stories that intrigue today’s skeptic audience and media is even more difficult.

Our team is always moving forward or doing something different with our performances, marketing approach, business development and branding initiatives. If we get get stagnant, we are moving backwards (although technically, if one is stagnant, you just remain still – but the world passes you by so you still end up behind).

This is one reason why I revamp our corporate shows every year and constantly add new things to keep the show fresh, not just for clients and the audience but for ourselves. Anytime, we feel we stagnate, we look for ways to get off the plateau and move forward. 

We have turned down several mega illusion projects previously because the budget was not right and it did not increase our brand value significantly. The projects were just not right. When we take on special projects like “Ultimate Magic”, mega events or television projects, we need to ensure that (besides the commercial value to us), it showcases our brand positively and propels us forward. And, because we are commercial creative artists, we also need to grow as artists and ensure our craft is being constantly elevated. If we don’t, we move on to different better things.

In this business environment and fast -paced society, if you do not constantly move. you will be left “twittered” behind.

“… (magic) goes beyond just a moment but is the portal to an optimistic outlook on life, knowing that anything is possible.” ~ J C Sum

“A Last Cob Ever”



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5 Responses to Always Moving Forward… Always Doing Something Different

  1. Gab Ho says:

    I agree with your blog… in such a fast paced society… if we stop chances are we will be boot out of the game… keep it up … My girl and I love your show… Cheers

  2. Aaron says:

    nice photos! the third photo is especially nice. was it taken by a professional?

  3. ryah says:

    Lovely pictures! Sure hope to see more stuff from you and Ning.
    Indeed we have to move forward all the time! One cannot read a book backwards, and staying on just one page means no progress! 🙂

    You mentioned a while back about something big coming up in Aug! Any news on that??

  4. NewToMagic says:

    nice! i like the second photo! so, what are you guys moving onto next? pray tell!

  5. josh says:

    just like the chinese saying! if you don’t move ahead, you move backwards! you guys have always been the leader in doing things different – can’t wait to see what!

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