Much More in Store on Our Facebook Page!

As you probably know by now, we are running a little contest on Facebook where one lucky fan will win a date with ‘Magic Babe’, among a collection of unique prizes. We have been getting tremendous response so keep it up!

The contest is just the first thing in store for our friends on Facebook. Now that we are between mega projects, we are juggling time between booking corporate work as well as spicing up our Facebook page. Between the two of us, Ning & I have about 3500+ friends, but we did neglect our fan page a bit. This has changed and we have planned lots of perks and surprises for people who add themselves to our page.


We will be offering regular prizes, offers, tickets, invites to special events and more – exclusively to our Facebook members. This will be done through private messages as well as publicly on the ‘wall’ (message board).

For example, we are going to reveal the name of our next mega illusion to our Facebook members FIRST. So that is one reason to add yourself to our page. 

facebookbadgeClick on the button to see and join us!

Speaking of invites to special events, many friends from our Facebook page also registered for “Ultimate Magic” yesterday, which was packaged together with a great photography workshop after the show.

Willy Foo, pro photographer &  founder of the Singapore’s Photographers Facebook Group collaborated with us to put together this unique event. He gave a workshop on club photography and shared his expertise & experience with the group that attended this event. Over 70 members of the group came down, which added to the tourists and locals who also attended the show.

For the first time in the show’s history, we allowed photography in the show (but without flash). This allowed the 70 shutterbugs to snap photos throughout the show. The constant clicking of digital cameras was surreal and threw Ning & I off initially; because, while we are used to cameras in our mega events, this was a first for “Ultimate Magic”.

A number of the photographers have already posted pics on Facebook, so all the more reason to join and then add yourself to our page 😛

Check out some photos on Ning’s blog here, they really look good… both the photos and Ning.


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5 Responses to Much More in Store on Our Facebook Page!

  1. noob23 says:

    the photography event looks like super cool. it must be quite an experience to be hearing clicks instead of the thunderous applause you guys muz be used to! think people can now do an awesome photo collage of you and ning.

  2. gen gen says:

    aw crap. i’m an amateur shutterbug, but didn’t see the event! what a PITY! 😦 Saw the pics in facebook, they are really nice. looks like great stuff. i am so gonna add myself to your page (hopefully win something in the process) and keep myself updated.

    great pics!

  3. hundit says:

    hopefully i win e date. 😛

    i think it’s great that your fanpage is so active. feels like a nice magic family with contests and what-nots. awesome.

  4. jj says:

    cool that your page is going to be so much more active! like the fact that there’s going to be ‘perks’! any hints on that? magic bug’s biting! (don’t mind perks like date with ning too!)

  5. brad blaze says:

    I’m coming along to your show on Wednesday night (all the way from Australia!). Looking forward to it. And yes, I’ve met Willy Foo as well at one of my events in Singapore – he is a nice guy.

    Look for the bald Aussie guy in the audience.

    All the best,


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