Our little Facebook contest has really taken off!

Last night, almost exactly 24 hours ago, Ning & I (with our team of magic elves) put out a contest… well more of a draw, for all our friends and fans. It was our way to say thank you in a fun and interesting way for all the past support, especially for “The Impossible Record”. So, we put together four prizes that we thought would have real value to people and not just meaningless items for the sake of having a contest.

Well, as of this writing, we have almost 100 ‘entries’ from friends across the world. WOW! At one time, entries were coming in fast and furious by the minute! So many have had fun posting witty comments along with their prize option. It has really livened up our Facebook page and I think brought a lot of smiles to people’s faces.

Currently, the prize of “Winning a Date with ‘Magic Babe'” is the most popular with the “Lecture Notes + Performance DVD” coming in at a respectable second place. It will be close so it will be interesting to see which is the most popular prize at the end of 2 weeks.

Keep it coming. Remember all are welcomed!

The contest is opened worldwide. We will ship prizes overseas… except Ning.

Read how to enter the contest here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=127115005730&ref=mf

View all the ‘entries’ and our Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/J-C-Sum-and-Magic-Babe-Ning/24282059109

The contest has created such a buzz that we got a call from 91.3FM DJ Rod Monterio in the late afternoon. He heard about the contest and wanted to let him listeners know about it. He arranged to have Ning come on air to talk about the contest! So, our little Facebook contest got broadcast to the nation today at about 7.30pm.

Rod does a daily show from weekdays 5pm – 8pm, called “The Married Men”. Tune in to it on your way home from work or school!


I first met Rod in 2004 when I did MediaCorp’s President Star Charity TV show and he was the announcer. He subsequently left MediaCorp for SPH to DJ there. He was also on the rooftop as one of the witnesses for my “The Impossible Teleportation” mega illusion in 2007. You can watch the video here as he gives his reactions to the illusion after it happens. Ning & I are going to rope him in for part of the promotions of our next mega illusion in Aug 2009, so look out for that!

Several bloggers have also blogged out us in the past week.

Our favourite expat blogger, Aussiepete, did a follow-up to his entry on us. Check it out here and vote for him to win at the OMY Blog Awards!

A couple of people we are not familiar blogged about us too. Two are them are Nate Marx and PF (Photo Finish). Check out their entries too. Thanks guys – whoever you are!


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4 Responses to Our little Facebook contest has really taken off!

  1. Turner says:

    How about if I get a flying ticket for Ning? I think that would solve the problem of “shipping” Ning.

  2. blake says:

    Ah. So winning a date with Magic Babe Ning is only applicable if you are in Singapore. 😀 I’m glad that I’m in Singapore then. I can still stand a change to win a date with the lovely Magic Babe.

  3. Mugger86 says:

    i hope she doesn’t mind dating younger guys! 😛 i am all for the date man!!

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