Life back to ‘normal’…

Now that “The Impossible Record” is over, our day to day operations continue with supporting the regional event industry as well as daily “Ultimate Magic” shows.

In case you might be wondering, our life is not defined by this world record… haha! It is just one of the small milestones that we have hit and are moving on to future projects. “The Impossible Record” was a one-off attempt and we do not intend to ‘defend’ the record even if someone does 20 illusions in 5 minutes 🙂 “The Impossible Record” was a real challenge and rewarding so we will enjoy being world record holders while it lasts. If you have not watched the official video, check it out on Youtube here.

We are pleased that the event industry has been excited by the setting of a new world record and how a mega event like this contributes to the dynamic events landscape in Singapore. Overseas event producers have also expressed interest to stage similar mega scale events so we will pick and choose the ones we think we can create the most value for.

Right now, we are also making some minor adjustments to our shows for corporate events to give even more value to clients. Check out and for more info on our corporate shows.

Our next mega illusion is scheduled for end-Aug and will be our most challenging teleportation yet. We have moved from the planning phase of the project to the pre-production phase. Besides the technical production of the mega illusion, we are brainstorming new ideas for the publicity and promotions for the event. So far, we have some radical ideas that might just be part of the final project… its gonna be fun!


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5 Responses to Life back to ‘normal’…

  1. Amazzo says:

    I bet this period is a good breather for you and your team to chill out and brainstorm on your next project. And I think that it’s great that you are not going to defend the record. No point looking back at old events when you are moving forward doing new projects. 🙂

  2. Ming says:

    wicked! another teleportation soon.

  3. Mugger86 says:

    I want to watch this new teleportation magic!!! 😀 😀 Please tell the date or details soon so I can mark my calender and make myself free. 😛

  4. NewToMagic says:

    Haa. I wonder how normal a day as a magician is. haa… “Normal” is very relative. I bet there’s exciting things to do everyday planning for all the magic that is coming up.

  5. ryah says:

    ‘Normal’ is in the eyes of the beholder!

    I don’t believe there’s actually a ‘normal’ day for you guys!

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