Official Video for “The Impossible Record”

One week after the world record act, amidst “Ultimate Magic” shows and post publicity, we have completed our video on “The Impossible Record”. Rumour has it that we will take a break in 2010…

Anyway, while there are about half a dozen ‘live’ video captures of the act uploaded on YouTube by spectators, our video captures the event as a whole and has multiple angles on the action.

Our editor (the one who also edited “The Impalement Cage”) did an awesome job with the video. While we worked together on the concept and shot selection, he really performed his own magic to put everything together. Rate it and leave your comments please!

Enjoy: the official video for “The Impossible Record”:


Rate/ Comment on YouTube here.


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3 Responses to Official Video for “The Impossible Record”

  1. NewToMagic says:

    It’s out finally! 🙂 Loving the way the video is showing the record attempt in multiple angles.

  2. ZY90 says:

    very nice video sia. i love watching it and the ending very nice. cant wait to watch more mega magic from you and magic babe.

  3. Khai85 says:

    I still feel nervous for you and Magic babe at the last 10 seconds of the attempt. Not sure whether there was enough time to complete the last illusion. Luckily you did!! 😀

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