Aussie Pete & OMY bloggers at “The Impossible Record”

After actual performance attempt of “The Impossible Record”, we spent more than 90 minutes speaking with media and conducting a ‘meet & greet’ with fans, friends and supporters. I know many waited over an hour to have a brief chat with us and we really appreciate it!. Check out Ning’s blog here for pictures of this part of the evening.

Well, after the media + ‘meet & greet’ (and before we did our filming for AXN), we met a couple of the finalists of the OMY Blog Awards. They waited patiently, way past 11pm, for this special session just for them. When we were first approached by OMY to conduct something special for the bloggers, Ning & I brainstormed because we wanted to integrate our magic with their blogs… how is that possible? Well, customizing and creating magic content is our specialty so we created a multi-phase card effect that incorporated a cyber-prediction and a physical magic effect in one of the blogger’s hands – all in one piece of magic!

Ning played a critical part to the magic effect as her ability to divine happenings in the future is much keener than mine… most probably due to her strong woman’s intuition. Part of the magic effect created was the need to predict a card that someone might randomnly choose. She originally predicted the 5 of clubs but later changed her mind. Thankfully.

Read Aussie Pete’s own account of the effect as well as “The Impossible Record” in his very popular blog. He actually rushed down from another show across Singapore to make it to our event… and I think he is glad he did 🙂 

For the record, we had never met any of the bloggers before. Nothing was prearranged. We had ask OMY to get the bloggers to bring their own playing cards to preclude the possibility of us using any ‘magic’ cards. Eveything happened as Aussie Pete described. We have also never met Pete till that day and everything he has written is based on his own experience and observation with NO input from us. You can read his full account here.


Glad you liked what we did Pete!


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5 Responses to Aussie Pete & OMY bloggers at “The Impossible Record”

  1. ZY90 says:

    WAH!!! freaking cool. 🙂 combined magic with blog. power sia. i think i would have freaked out if i was there.

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  3. cardistry2007 says:

    I like that presentation style. using magic and the internet together to magic a magical effect for the. I like the idea very much.

  4. Shiba1987 says:

    Cyber Prediction! I got to learn that one. Maybe I can surprise my friend with it as well if I can perform this for them.

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