“The Impossible Record” on CTV (Taiwan) & Razor TV + Magic Sites

Media coverage for “The Impossible Record” continues!

CTV (Taiwan), the largest TV network in Taiwan featured “The Impossible Record” in their news program! Wow! Millions in Taiwan and China saw this 🙂

You can watch it online here. Fast forward to the 30.32 min mark.

Razor TV is doing a full length feature on “The Impossible Record”  on their program R.age this coming Friday. But, they did a short 2min news report on us breaking the world record!

We were also the editor’s TOP PICK 🙂 Check it out here. Rate it too!


The magic world has also been buzzing with multiple magic sites reporting on our world record setting act. iTricks, Red Dot Magic, magic news wire and Inside Magic reported on the success of “The Impossible Record”.

Check out the story on Inside Magic here

inside magic.

MagicSeen, U.K.’s largest magic magazine, also broke the news of our world record attempt in their July issue with the headline “J C & Ning go for gold”:


“The Impossible Record” has become quite the magic event of the moment! Consider this objectively, how many magic events:

1) Have been reported on and covered by multiple hard news media outlets from Singapore & Taiwan

2) Can draw an audience of 3000 people

3) Is discussed on multiple blogs, Facebook & forums (Do a google search for the past week)

4) Has numerous photos and videos uploaded to Flicker, forums and Youtube by spectactors who were at the event

5) Is reported by all the major magic news sites across the world

6) Caught the attention of a major industry magazine for them to fly a reporter down to cover the event live? (MagicSeen)

7) Deemed to be tremendous success by organizers and presenters

And this is a magic event that was held in little old Singapore. That is why we are so proud that we have put this tiny red dot on the world map!

More to come 🙂


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4 Responses to “The Impossible Record” on CTV (Taiwan) & Razor TV + Magic Sites

  1. yhq23 says:

    WOW. CTV is a big TV network in Taiwan! I rmbr seeing all their shows when i went their for work! Congrats. You’ve indeed done SG proud!

  2. jose says:

    Awesome! I watched the razortv coverage and i’m waiting for the r.age to be out on friday! it’s fantastic that u guys are putting us on world map! WOOHOO.

  3. ryah says:

    i’m a magic fan and i’ve been hearing about this event from last month! pity i could not fly down to singapore to have a look. the record breaking event looks like a tremendous success. congratulations.

  4. NanoMan says:

    Uber stuff!! To think a UK Magazine would want to come down all the way to Singapore to cover this event. You’re putting Singapore on the map for magic! 🙂 And congrats for the success.

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