New Official World Record of 15 Illusions in 5 Minutes

It is 4am now so I’m going to make this short. I will give a more detailed post on the behind the scenes issues that went into “The Impossible Record”.

In short, it is official – we set a new world record for ‘most number of grand illusions performed in 5 minutes’. The record attempt was adjudicated by the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Singapore Book of Records.

More than 3000 people turned up to witness the record live. This included people watching from all vantage points, even across the river due to giant video screens that flanked either side of the event area.

Media that covered the event included Channel News Asia, Today, Razor TV,  Lianhe Zaobao, CTV (Taiwan), AXN, MagicSeen (U.K.) &

The Internet already has almost a dozen blogs which discussed the record act. Someone posted an incredible photo-video slideshow of the event. Interesting and shows most of the illusions presented. I got tired just watching it! I should mention that this is NOT a video but a animated photo slideshow – he took 1996 photos of the event!

If you are on Facebook, check out all the the photos posted by different people.

Here is the official certificate from the Singapore Book of Records.


The International Brotherhood of Magicians Singapore Ring 115 also presented us with a special achievement award.


Thanks must go out to the Singapore Tourism Board for believing in us and choosing us to be a closing highlight of the Singapore River Festival 2009. Thanks to Central for presenting the event!

Last but not least, thanks must go out to the event support team who provided the backbone of the event and supported all our technical requirements. And of course, none of this would have been possible without the fantastic Concept:Magic team who have worked tirelessly to pull this entire project off. Great job guys!!!!


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4 Responses to New Official World Record of 15 Illusions in 5 Minutes

  1. Jason says:

    Gratz for record and thanks for having such wonderful performance and making Singaporean proud!

  2. blake says:

    Alright! You guys did it!!! A world record! Congratulations! 😀

  3. KennethL says:

    New World Record for Singapore! Wohoo.

  4. NanoMan says:

    1996 pixs?? That guy must is one uber photographer! 😀 1996 sounds like a year, a few more and you can have 2009 :p also, the award looks so cool with that wand. makes me want one too. but i suppose i have to get 15 illusions first. :S

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