Official “Inversion” Video Highlights

Concept:Magic, The Complete Magic Production House, is pleased to release the official highlight video of ‘Magic Babe’ Ning’s “Inversion” escape stunt!

We wanted to produce a video with a different concept from others that we have released over the last 3 years. This has a different flavour from our other videos yet has a distinct call back to the trailer produced for “The Impossible Record”. In addition, Razor TV did an excellent 3-parter on the event so there was no need to go with that style of format.

It is a 3-minute video which includes behind-the-scenes footage from the night before. Check it out below or on YouTube here.


As you would know by now, “Inversion” was a promotional teaser to the main event which is “The Impossible Record”. It is only 2 days away so tell all friends about it and come down to be part of history. It is also the last night of the Singapore River Festival 2009 so there will be lots of free stuff to see and do at the River.

Don’t miss the Magic Event of the Year… so far! 😀

If you still have not, mark your attendence or leave a comment on our Facebook event page here:


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3 Responses to Official “Inversion” Video Highlights

  1. Ming says:

    wicked behind the scenes video. loved the way how it started off like some secret project. all the best for tomorrow!!

  2. YeoQH says:

    That was some dangerous stunt by Magic Babe there. All glad that she made it out without a scratch. Now to concentrate on the Impossible Record and get 15 illusions done within that 5mins. Good luck.

  3. ZY90 says:

    nice video. :D:D wish you and magic babe ning good luck. i’ll be there watching and cheering. :):)

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