Razor TV on ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, J C Sum, “Inversion” & “The Impossible Record”

Wow! Razor TV did an awesome 3-part event coverage interview series on “Inversion” and spoke to us about “The Impossible Record, injuries and preparations.

Razortv 2009

The reporter did excellent research has really made the episodes an entertaining watch!

Please watch and rate the videos!!!!

Check them out here:

Sexy ‘Inversion’ (Magic Pt 1)

Harry Houdini meets Pussycat Dolls (Magic Pt 2)

15 Illusions in 5 minutes (Magic Pt 3)


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4 Responses to Razor TV on ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, J C Sum, “Inversion” & “The Impossible Record”

  1. NewToMagic says:

    ahhh! for those who were there can relive the moment again by watching it here on razor tv. for those who were not there can watch here. 😉

  2. Amazzo says:

    Finally a video!! That was awesome. I love the interview. It was really good. I was always wondering too if you considered going to China for that show as well. Now we know. haa.

  3. Ming says:

    wicked show on razortv. 😀 fans really loved you both that day. can see from the drinks and cards that you got.

  4. blake says:

    Razortv’s clip was pretty cool. I really enjoyed the way they made the clip. Harry Houdini + Pussycat dolls = Magic Babe Ning.

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