Official Inversion Photos: Behind the Scenes and Actual Day

Here is are official photos for “Inversion” from 30 hours before the actual stunt during set-up. Enjoy!

rehearsal14Our custom giant banner for “The Impossible Record” that is currently hanging in the atrium of Central.

rehearsal1Ning’s first experience on the lift to get a sense of the height.

rehearsal2Testing the rigging on myself first… since I designed it.

rehearsal3Hanging inverted to test the stability of the rigging.

rehearsal4Ning all suited up in the full-body harness for her rehearsals. ALL rehearsals were done with a safety line.

rehearsal5Ning being hooked up for the first time.

rehearsal6Hanging upside down, getting used to the hook-up.

rehearsal7Lift off!

rehearsal8Getting higher!

rehearsal92nd trial – this time strapped up in the straight jacket.

rehearsal10Standard checks to make sure all rigging is secure.

rehearsal11Notice the safety line snaking in under her jacket to her harness.

rehearsal12Escaping from the straight jacket while suspended high off the ground for the first time.

rehearsal13Ning & I having a serious discussion to include the bed of spikes under her for the escape.
This was a joint decision to bring the element of real danger one level up.

magicbabe1Fast forward to the next day, just before 6pm. About 750 people turned up including a host of media, professional and amateur photographers.

magicbabe2A spectator was invited on stage to test the steel spikes and to verify that they were the real deal.

magicbabe3The spikes are real and sharp!

magicbabe4Next, the straight jacket is examined by various audience members.

magicbabe5Ning’s ankles are secured and protected to be hooked onto the stainless steel rigging system.

magicbabe6The strap-up begins!

magicbabe7Final arm straps.

magicbabe9Blindfold over Ning’s eyes.

magicbabe10Preparing for the initial lift off.

magicbabe11Final critical checks as the audience looks on tentatively. Notice: NO safety line. Do not try this at home.


Tense moments as Ning is raised up without a safety line.

magicbabe13The escape took less than 2min.

magicbabe14Magic Babe conquers”Inversion”!

magicbabe18Our great supporters and fans waited patiently as we conducted media interviews.

magicbabe16Ning being interviewed by Razor TV.

magicbabe17My turn.

magicbabe15Together for CTV (Taiwan)

magicbabe19Autograph session was part of our ‘Meet & Greet’ time.

magicbabe20Penning my name to the poster.

magicbabe21The official “The Impossible Record” poster.

magicbabe22The rest of the photos are picture opportunities with different friends, fans and supporters.








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2 Responses to Official Inversion Photos: Behind the Scenes and Actual Day

  1. Woo! Go Ning!!

    Good luck for next weekend!


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