The New Paper has a Story of “Inversion” & “The Impossible Record”

We have a full-page article on today’s The New Paper which featured Ning, myself and “Inversion” and “The Impossible Record“!

It also highlighted Ning’s previous mega escape from “The Impalement Cage” where she escaped from a cage of spikes in 90 seconds! Ning is the first female magician in this part of the world to do anything like this… again!

Check out the online stories here:

 “S’pore girl to attempt risky stunt three storeys up”, The New Paper, 19 Jun 2009

“Is 15 acts in 5 mounties possible?”, The New Paper, 19 Jun 2009

TNP jun 2009

It is fantastic that our local media have been so supportive. Not only are numerous media outlets coming down to “Inversion” and “The Impossible Record” but even our friends in the industry are helping us out and spreading the word. DJs (Thanks Glenn and Jean), Events Producers and even theatre people are plugging our upcoming events.

Singapore Tourism Board has also been very supportive and have put their faith & resources in our event as it is the closing highlight for the 10-day Singapore River Festival 2009 that they are organizing. Our team’s ability to create original magic events that capture the minds of the public and media have also reaffirmed their decision to invest in us.

We rehearse tonight for “The Impossible Record” and tomorrow we load in and rehearse for “Inversion” after “Ultimate Magic” in the afternoon. It is going to be an exciting weekend!


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3 Responses to The New Paper has a Story of “Inversion” & “The Impossible Record”

  1. Amazzo says:

    Read the article. No insurance coverage. Hmmmm…. The local insurance companies in Singapore wont want to risk and insure here huh? That Magic Babe has guts.

  2. Ming says:

    if my gf is going to do that, i would seriously ban her from doing it. 3 stories high and with no safety net, that is scary. i wish Magic Babe good luck.

  3. cardistry2007 says:

    magic babe ning still looks hot upside down. i think that’s the most magical part of it. being able to look hot even in the most dangerous and uncomfortable positions.

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