Rehearsals, Preparations & Interviews

It has been a grueling and intensive week so far. Yesterday was crazy with a full day of preparations, the staging of  “Ultimate Magic” after which we had rehearsals for “The Impossible Record”. We ended the day at 2am.

Currently, we are only hitting 11 illusions at the 5-minute mark; 4 off from our target of 15 illusions in 5 minutes. Besides the physicial and mental challenges of this illusion, this is a very technical act which precision required working with Ning, myself and the onstage crew of 3 people. Logistics and ensuring there is no equipment failure are also obstacles in reaching “The Impossible Record”.

Check out half the props used for “The Impossible Record” lined up to be brought down via cargo lift to be transported to our secret rehearsal location.

TIR prep

With both “Inversion” and “The Impossible Record” coming up, we have been also busy with interviews with the media. Look out for us in Time Out, IS Magazine, Lianhe Wanbao and The Newpaper this week 🙂

Many websites are also picking up on the Singapore River Festival and highlighting our event. Check out Ning’s blog on her entry on the Singapore River Festival that is coming up this week and all our related events! 🙂

Training continues with Ning’s “Inversion”. Training has been progressive over the last 2 months and is going well. Our custom-fabrciated rigging system is working out great and more importantly, safely. We have, however, yet to suspend Ning any higher than 10ft off the ground. But, technically, all is good to go for the one-off real thing.

Here is Ning hanging around…

inversion prep


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4 Responses to Rehearsals, Preparations & Interviews

  1. ZY90 says:

    Wah. nice sia the photo of Ning hanging upside down. she looks like she is having fun. 😀

  2. Amazzo says:

    There’s still a week to increase 11 to 15. I think there is enough time to train. Just got to train and train. And reap the rewards next week!

  3. Mugger86 says:

    Power!!! That’s like half of the illusions being used and looks so cool already! Can imagine if all of them were there, confirm cool-er!!

  4. NanoMan says:

    15 illusions in 5 mins and you are now at number 11. I wish you all the best in getting 15! Can’t wait to see it on the actual day. Its going to be the BOMB!

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