Magic Babe’s “INVERSION” – The Blindfolded Upside Down Escape

Singapore’s only professional female magician & escape artist next CRAZY escape stunt has been revealed!



Next Sunday, 21 Jun 2009, Ning will be attempting INVERSION”, a one-off version of her signature “Straight Jacket Striptease” but while blindfolded and suspended upside down 3 stories off the ground!

What is so different with this straight jacket escape? After all, magicians and escape artists have successfully presented upside down Straight Jacket escapes before.

Here are 3 distinctions:

  1. None of the magicians were “The sexiest woman in magic”
  2. None did it blindfolded
  3. None did them without a safety line

The choice of NOT to use a safety line for the actual escape is our desire to bring back real danger in a live extreme escape stunt. After all, in the current age of CGI, special effects and ‘reality’ television, entertainment has lost its authenticity.

This is another first of its kind escape that Ning will be presenting. It will take place on 21 Jun 2009, Sun @ 6pm at Central Gallery (inside the mall, Clarke Quay MRT).

This escape is a promotional teaser event to our world record attempt of performing 15 illusions in 5 seconds – “The Impossible Record” on 27 Jun 2009, 9.30pm @ Central Promenade by the Singapore River.


Ning is no stranger to extreme escape acts. Last year, she became the first female magician in South East Asia to perform a mega escape! Remember this?


Almost exactly one year ago, Ning became an almost overnight media sensation when she presented“The Impalement Cage” – the world’s full-view escape from a cage of spikes ‘live’ in front of 4000 people!

What made this particular stunt so different from any other escape of its kind is the fact that it was attempted in full view of the surrounded live audience, with no covers, curtains, shields or boxes of any kind. This had never ever been done before! Every other spike escape of this nature always features the magician or escape artist hidden from view to protect the secret of the escape. In Ning’s case, the audience witnessed her complex escape step-by-step with no tricks or illusions.

Relive the suspense and excitment on Youtube here or below:

Come and support Ning for her latest crazy escape stunt on this Sun @ 6pm Central Gallery. Show your support by adding yourself or leaving her well wishes at the Facebook event page here:



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5 Responses to Magic Babe’s “INVERSION” – The Blindfolded Upside Down Escape

  1. MysteryM says:

    Man. I was already cringing in horror at the Impalement Cage last year when she like came out in the last few seconds. It was really scary. Thank God she escaped in time. Hope this one she does well too. I’ll be there to watch.

  2. blake says:

    Thats really INTENSE. To be hung upside down, in a straight jacket AND Blind folded as well. She must be one tough chick to do that. Really intense!!

  3. NewToMagic says:

    cool! i’m going there to watch this. confirm its thrilling to see this one. 3 storey high being hanged and blindfolded. i bet the blindfold helps in not making magic babe nervous from being held up at 3 storey. hehe.. 😛

  4. ZY90 says:

    i will bring my friends along to watch also on the inversion. must get this chance to watch her do this since she not doing this one again. haa.

  5. Heyy, Found your blog on Google and I will definatley be recommending and coming back to the site! =)

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