“Illusionary Departures” Illusion Book Detailed Review

Since my first illusion book, “Illusionary Departures”, was first published in 2004, I’ve had one review (which was positive) in MAGIC Magazine. Other than that, the book has been positively reviewed or mentioned on the Magic Cafe forums. The book has largely sold through word of mouth as well as through a few ads placed in MAGIC Magazine. Since its publication, I’ve sold about 300 copies of the book in 33 countries. That’s not too bad considering the book is for such a niche market.

Since I do not depend on book sales to make a living, I have never really hawked my books aggressively or priced them to sell. In fact, I’ve deliberated priced the book high to keep it out of reach of the curious and also because I think the value of the material is worth at least the US$100 price tag. I’ve also been unwilling to sell the book through dealers because there has been no need to at this point. The world is connected through the Internet and anyone in the world can esaily buy the book through the secured payment system on the website.

Anyway, “Illusionary Departures” has been reviewed on “The Magic Review” by Milton Andrews. Milton does incredibly detailed reviews. Some may find his reviews too long but if you are seriously looking for a detailed objective assessment of a magic product, I have not seen one as good. I have several products that he reviewed and I have concurred with his thoughts. His style is not to force his opinion, although he gives it, but he lays out all pros and cons as her sees it and allows the reader to decide if the product is good for them.

If you are a performing magician, check out the review at: http://magiciansreview.blogspot.com/

“Illusionary Departures” and all my other books and plans are available at: www.illusionbooks.com


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