Magic Babe on the Cover of T3… Sort of

Tada! Ning is on the cover of the Jun 2009 issue of T3 magazine!







And, we both are featured in their  feature called ‘Celeb Talk’. We gave a pretty meaty interview on things to come as well as our favourite gadgets. T3 is a very well put together magazine and the team is both knowledgable and savvy. We love the photos and it shows our fun-loving side beyond the ‘cool’ illusionist stage persona ;-P


If you want a hint on our announcement on 14 Jun 2009, check out the interview as it is mentioned briefly!


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5 Responses to Magic Babe on the Cover of T3… Sort of

  1. groban5 says:

    PITY! I thought Ning was the gadget gal! I’d buy multiple multiple copies if that were the case! T3 should get Ning for gadget gal!!

    Nice shots for the pictures! Love the last one on the right most definitely! 😀

  2. hayden says:

    Cool! I’ve been waiting for the magazine to be out since you posted about the interview and photo shoot! It’s quite fun that you have like two serious serious nice photos and one so cheeky and funny! Hahaha! (Poor J C! :P)

    Nice interview too, shows the tech side of both of you.

  3. ZY90 says:

    nice sia! i’ll go grab one copy later on the way back home. should have put magic babe ning bigger on the page. then with her sword thingies. that would have been an cool cover page like that.

  4. YeoQH says:

    Another Magazine featuring you both. This time on a Gadget Magazine. 🙂 I wonder what kind of cool gizmos the two of you use. Guess I have to read to find out. 😉

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