First Peek at the illusions in “The Impossible Record”

More than a handful of people have emailed us and asked what illusions we would be presenting in “The Impossible Record”. Choosing the right illusions is a key to the success of the act; afterall, we have to execute each illusion in approximately 20 seconds. This is crazy considering our typical illusion performance is between 2 – 3 minutes long each!

From the start of the project, the team was very adamant that the illusions should be very different from each other and represent most of the magical effects in grand illusion. To give you an idea of the diversity and variety of the illusions that we will be presenting, here is a partial list of the illusions we are attempting:

360 Sawing – Ning’s body is divided in half and her upper body is rotated around her bottom half

Smoke Chamber – A magical appearance from an empty glass chamber filled with white smoke

Crystal Metamorphosis – An instant double teleportation of J C & Ning

Body Through Steel – Ning passes her body through a plate of steel

Full Throttle – The magical appearance of a sports motorcycle

Spiker – Ning passes a bed of spikes through J C’s body

3 Inch Hole – Ning instantly squeezes into an ATA case through a tiny 3” hole

Walking Through a Person – J C walks through Ning’s body

Extreme Burn – Ning attempts a magical escape from a spear

Shadow Vision – A surreal illusion that sees J C’s torso separated from his body and his head levitated in the air

If you would like to be part of this historic event happening right here in Singapore, do add yourself to our Facebook event page here and feel free to add me as well!

Also, just add yourself to our ‘fan’ page by clicking the button below because we are running a lucky draw giveaway real soon!


Remember, the Singapore River is the place to be on 27 Jun 2009 night! Loads of excellent FREE shows including the closing highlight of the Singapore River Festival 2009 – “The Impossible Record”!


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