J C Sum on Lianhe Wanbao

Two weeks ago, Ning was featured in a weekly ‘Singles’ feature in Lianhe Wanbao. Yesterday, I was featured too! Haha… any publicity is good publicity!


We have some behind the scenes photos of our Esplanade concert from Sat. This is when we were setting up on stage, doing stage markings and discussing the choreography with the Wushu act before us. Check them out on Ning’s blog here.


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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2 Responses to J C Sum on Lianhe Wanbao

  1. Khai85 says:

    I cant read Chinese. 😦 If only there is a translated version of this. haa.

  2. Mugger86 says:

    Yup! Any publicity is good publicity. It exposes you to more people.

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