25 days of non stop work coming up!

Last night, we had a fantastic debut of the brand new “360 Sawing” illusion which rocked the Esplanade Concert Hall! This was the first professional performance and it went over perfectly. We are going to rebuild the prop and still have one more presentation element to add into the act and it will be 100% complete.

With the Esplanade gig over, we can now concentrate our energy towards the next couple of projects. I just drew up the production schedule for June 2009 and woah!

For the next 3 and a half weeks, we will be working every day except for one day due to preparations and the execution of “The Impossible Record”. This includes daily training for the event as well as 3 late night full rehearsals in a secret location. Now, bear in mind, this is on top of our performing our “Ultimate Magic” shows 5 days a week, a couple of corporate shows, marketing & publicity for The “Impossible Record”, marketing for “Ultimate Magic” and business development of shows and projects for later in the year!

We will also another surprise announcement on 15 Jun 2009 so stay tuned for that!

Here is an interesting piece of card magic I performed for the “Magic in Motion” series filmed in late 2006 and aired in 2007:


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3 Responses to 25 days of non stop work coming up!

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  2. MysteryM says:

    If I were you guys, I would be shagged having that kind of schedule. Reminds me of my NS times where the whole day is full of training and then late at night, get MORE training till 1am cause of some guy who did something wrong an the whole squad got dragged into as well.

  3. ZY90 says:

    june holidays also work everyday. i think i prefer being a kid sia. study and go to school and have fun in school holidays. hehe..

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