“360 Sawing” all Ready for Esplanade Debut Tomorrow!

For the past few months, we have rebuilt the “360 Sawing” from ground up with multiple modifications and improvements. In fact, we intend to completely rebuild it 100% after tomorrow’s performance to make it work even better. We just designed and built a set of aluminum tubing steps that packs flat and looks great!

Rehearsals began several weeks ago and really intensified these past 2 weeks. It is a very challenging and physical illusion for both Ning & myself. Ning has been a real trooper and has been taking all the  ‘crap’ thrown at her. Being divided in half and having half your body doing a 360 is no easy task. She must have done it over 50 times!

This is a very fast paced illusion performed with high energy. It is presented to a hard rock sound track, the first illusion we are performing to this genre of music. It creates a strong contrast in our show and we feel the sheer size and cutting edge design of the prop will impress.

J C Sum 2009 low

Tomorrow is a long day. We start in the late morning for load-in, set and technical rehearsals at The Esplanade, Singapore’s premier arts venue. Then, we head to The Arena for “Ultimate Magic”. After which, we head back to Esplanade for the Old Victorian ”Nil Sine Labore” concert. After the concert, the team loads out of the theatre and heads back to the studio while we do a meet & greet. BTW, there may still be tickets available, so if you want to see the “360 Sawing” in action, you can buy tickets @ $25 each for this show here.

We hope to get photos of the “360 Sawing” in action, so stay tuned!


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One Response to “360 Sawing” all Ready for Esplanade Debut Tomorrow!

  1. Khai85 says:

    Great to hear that the went perfect! Looking to seeing 360 in the impossible record. I hope it’s one of the illusions in the list. 😉

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