Magicians’ Favourite Illusion Design Plans

Since I launched my digital illusion design plans last month, response has been great! I think the flexibility to buy specific plans for certain illusions and the ablity to save money make the plans a no brainer for many magicians who know what they need.

The most popular illusion design packages have been:

  • #4- Metamorphosis
  • #5 – Appearances
  • #7 – Box Jumpers

4- Metamorphosis

Many buy this plan specifically for “Crystal Metamorphosis”. Not surprisingly, it is one of the strongest illusions in our show and my version is designed specifically for speed. In fact, “Ultimate Magic” was just reviewed by a travel guide website, Naked Singapore, who singled out “Crystal Metamorphosis” as one of the highlights of the show. You can read the review here.

#5 – Appearances

“Benchmark” and “Singular” are two unique appearance illusions that are self contained. A departure from the standard ‘girl from box’ illusions, I know these appearances have found their place in several magician’s shows in Europe.

#7 – Box Jumpers

This package has been more popular than I imagined. But, I understand why. Illusions that can be performed by just the illusionist and one assistant and can be performed on an open stage with no side wings or backstage area are the most popular ‘worker’ illusions. Coupled with the fact that they can be performed surrounded and are fresh, these illusions have become winners.

Many magicians have purchased this plan because they are looking for different illusions from the great but all too common “Sword Basket”, “Mini Kube Zag” or “Origami” illusion. “Squeezed & Skewered” and “Seven by Half V2.0” fit this need and the price does not hurt as well!

While the illusion plans have been selling well, several are still buying the books because, although more expensive as a set, you get better value and the actual printed product.

If you have any questions on my books or plans, check out or drop me an email!


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One Response to Magicians’ Favourite Illusion Design Plans

  1. MysteryM says:

    I have always been a fan of magic whereby 2 persons switch place and I definitely love watching your Crystal Metamorphosis. The change feels like it was done in a second. Very magical and I love that.

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