Who says Magic isn’t Dangerous?

From time to time, Ning posts photos on her blog of her bruises she gets as a result of illusions during performances and rehearsals. She had one particularly nasty bruise from “Crystal Metamorphosis” last year. Our latest illusion “360 Sawing” has been particularly challenging as well. Here’s a bruise I got this week from rehearsing the new ‘wicked’ illusion…


If you think that is bad… you should see the prop… it’s fine. Stainless steel versus flesh. Steel always win… unless you are Wolverine.

The good thing is the illusion is coming along very well!

The announcement of this new illusion actually made the news. About.com Magic & Illusions picked up the story a weeks ago. Today, The Straits Times LIFE! highlighted and described the “360 Sawing” in an article on the “Nil Sine Labore” gala concert at the Esplanade on 6 Jun 2009, Sat, 7.30pm.


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5 Responses to Who says Magic isn’t Dangerous?

  1. hayden says:

    THAT is one BIG ouch!!!

    Hope that bruise clears soon!

  2. cardistry2007 says:

    OOOUCCH!!!! man. that is sick. one big nasty bruise and it is all for the art.

  3. MysteryM says:

    That must have hurt real bad. Battle scars and badges from performing that illusion. I didn’t know that magic can be so painful.

  4. ZY90 says:

    sia la. confirm pain sia. if people do not know, think you got hit by something or punch by someone. must put some oil or medicine on that.

  5. Aaron says:

    ouch.. that must be really painful. i had one similar bruise, though not from work, but cos my friend kicked my arm after i kicked his ass. literally.. :p

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