“Inside Magic” on “The Impossible Record”

More international magic media have picked up on our announcement of “The Impossible Record”! Check out for the full updated list in a previous blog entry here.

Thanks to “Inside Magic” for picking up our story and adding their fun spin to it!

Check it out by clicking on the page screen capture below:



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4 Responses to “Inside Magic” on “The Impossible Record”

  1. ZY90 says:

    another site wrote about you both sia. 😀 hope you guys don’t get too much pressure with so many sites talking about you and the record that you are going to attempt. but then, i think you both are already used to pressure and expectations after last year’s thing with magic babe and the spike things.

  2. Amazzo says:

    Inside Magic wrote the story very well. Enjoyed reading that.

  3. MysteryM says:

    oooOOo.. More and more websites and blogs are talking about “The Impossible Record” It looks like its really getting talked about everywhere. ellusionist, itricks and etc. alot.

  4. Rohan says:

    Hi JC & Baby Ning, Remember me? Magician WonderRo from Sri Lanka.
    I met you after your Illusion Show last year. So now I take this opportunity to wish both of you on your new world record. Having seen your show I am confident that you can achieve it Good Luck and Best Regards.

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